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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: melissa and i are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: a big for us to victory for republican led senate passing a key procedural vote to allow debate on health care with no help from democrats. this as senators are expected to vote soon, any moment now, and a straight repeal of obamacare. this is "outnumbered," and sandra smith coming here today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, former deputy person, marie harf is here, and today's #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nations, we are so lucky ourselves to have him back, john bolton, you are outnumbered. good to have you. another big day.
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something could come down any moment, will be watching the senate floor for that vote on the repeal only bill, we'll get to that as soon as we see that something is happening. a key first step as we await that vote on repeal obamacare. senators yesterday voting to allow debate on health reform, passing by the slimmest of margins. vice president pence breaking the 50/50 tie and helping his party cross the finish line. senator john mccain making a dramatic return to washington after being diagnosed with brain cancer just last week. in the rose garden following the vote, president trump saying he's very happy with the win and taking a shot at two g.o.p. holdouts, watch. >> i'm very happy to announce that with zero of the democrats votes, the motion to proceed on health care has just passed and now we move forward towards truly great health care for the american people. we have two republicans that
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went against us, which is very sad, i think. it's very, very sad for them. >> sandra: what can we expect next? mike emanuel standing by come alive from capitol hill. we will get to that vote as soon as we see it happening, but in the meantime, what should we expect? >> now it's a struggle to see what the senate is able to pass and it is not going to be easy. the senate is expected to vote on an amendment from kentucky senator, rand paul, really, any time. it would be a straight repeal of obamacare and allow time for senators to work on a replacement plan. that is not expected to have enough votes because moderates want to be able to tell their constituents how they plan to replace obamacare. >> we have to ensure that we put a replace plan out there, not just repeal because repeal alone, and my view, and all the experts i've been talking to is going to increase rates even
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more and because more insurers to leave. we need a replacement plan. >> last night, the senate rejected an amendment from texas senator ted cruz that would have allowed selling cheap insurance options for those who want them. none republicans join with democrats to reject it, so that's leading a lot of republicans to say they might need a very limited bill that would get rid of obamacare is mandates and taxes. >> my guess is we'll have to figure out some kind of skinny down version. it's disappointing to me, but will have to get this process moving, otherwise we are stuck with the mess that is obamacare. >> the senate's top democrat this morning blasting a process of so-called skinny repeal. >> make no mistake about it, skinny repeal is equal to full repeal. it's a trojan horse, designed to get the house and senate into conference, with a hard right flank of the house republicans, the freedom caucus will demand full repeal or something very
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close to it. >> up any time now is a straight repeal, something conservatives want, but moderates are not so sure about. >> sandra: mike emanuel on capitol hill for us, thank you. ambassador bolton, what do you expect next? >> john: i don't know what the senate is going to do, but i want to say looking at this entire six month period in the house and in the senate, this has been a collective disaster for the republican party. even on the house has passed a bill, watching that sausage being made was not pleasant, and this in a performance is even worse. people need to decide whether we believe what we say. i would go a lot farther than repealing obamacare, i would think there are enormous changes that need to be made and federal involvement in the health care industry, doing everything we can to limit it even more and try to create more of a marketing health care since the great society, it's all but in the wrong direction, but let me say this, if republican party
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doesn't get this done and a substantial way, they will pay in the house and senate, a real price in november of 2018. don't kid yourself here, this is a serious failure of responsibility. it doesn't look like we're ready. >> sandra: you for that sentiment echoed by some of the senators, senator ted cruz has echoed that sentiment saying we should pay the price if we don't get this done, but the president is claiming victory here, at least with what is happening right now. should he be? >> john: i think he's trying to help the republicans and the house and senate. he's not up in november of next year, he has a lot at stake, but frankly, he didn't get himself elected because he was an expert on legislative tactics. he relied on the leadership, he relied on the membership in the house and senate, and here we are, more than six months into the administration, and we've produced nothing. >> harris: i would say this, you say the g.o.p. are in danger of not doing what they say, look no further than the rejection of
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senator cruz's plan to offer across state lines marketing. i thought that was a deal breaker among republicans. you had commandments, if you will for what they want in a health care bill. >> kennedy: to your point and the ambassador's point, you are right. we need more free market in health care and you're so right about the involvement. >> john: i love hearing kennedy say that i'm right. >> kennedy: i know in your heart, you are very libertarian when it comes to issues like this because it has been so entangled for so long and it really threatens to draw the economy down, and the worst way possible. one thing i will say is out of this chaos, we might be able to have those necessary conversations about the function of government. >> harris: that's with the whole debate process as opposed to before, to air that out. real quickly before you speak, because i want to yield it right back to you, but this is coming down now.
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john cornyn, republican of texas just spoke moments ago. now we are trying to get support from senators to allow this to go to the house and work out the differences to get a bill to the president's desk. please, we are here and obviously we didn't have a large margin of error. >> sandra: to add to that, he said the hard part is over, now we just vote and vote and vote until we are tired. this is the tweet from president trump, calling out individual republicans that voted against this. lisa murkowski of the great state of alaska really let the republicans down, the president said, and our country down yesterday. too bad. it is not a good? >> john: i'm not sure that it's for the president to do that in public. i'm not sure that's the best way to do it, but honestly, if you want to be a member of an organized political party, at some point, you have to show responsibility. if you asked all 52 republicans, there's not one who would say this bill or that bill is excellent, we just think it's
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wonderful, they don't like some substantial part of every alternative that's out there, but we have said for seven years, we are going to repeal obamacare and if we don't do it, i'm telling you, the voters will say -- is not double for the democrats, they'll just to stay home. the consequence will be elected democrats. >> harris: is a spy pelosi said will find it -- will pass it and find out what's in it later? 's before going back to the vote about last night is at nine republican senators voted against an amendment, everyone from tom cotton to susan collin collins. that's a very wide gap to bridg bridge. i agree with the ambassador, if they don't pass something that ran on for four cycles, it will be problematic. what's interesting to me as if they pass something that ends up pulling as low as the current publican plan is and is almost in the single digits, but that will do to the ballot box. box. obamacare is pulling in at about 40% when it passed, obviously that fluctuated over the last eight years, 40% and democrats
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still took a beating at the ballot box because of it. if they're pulling something that's 10-15%, either way it's going to be tough for them and 2018 if they can't get a better bill. >> harris: there is time between the passage and elections. and that time, there would be some sort of progress or timeline for implementation. >> kennedy: that means for voters, if the economy works, if they have more money and that means tax reform. if they are able to do this and pass the skinny repeal, whatever that is and it goes to the house and makes it to the president's desk, that clears the way for tax reform and that's where natalie republicans could have a win, but voters could have a huge win. >> sandra: one about rob portman's point that this would make the situation worse? and when he said about premiums customers business
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>> john: i think you have to make the case that these efforts to affect the way americans look at health care is exposing a fundamental fallacy to the notion that governments will make health care better. i'd rather have that argument now than later. i think the obama administration, with all due respect, look at this in a very cynical way. if obamacare succeeds, great, that is one more step towards the governments complete takeover, and if obamacare fails, no problem, it's another reason why you need complete government takeover of the health care system. you've got to fight the battle now, you have to be willing to take the political consequences and i think if they had done almost anything four or five months ago, they would be in better shape. >> marie: the other truism that came out of this, if you give people something out of the government, it is exceedingly hard to take it away. >> john: i grant you that and that's terrible. >> marie: is a political
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reality. >> john: i happen to believe in freedom. this is the time to fight that battle. >> kennedy: ten cruise last night on the senate floor, when they were debating before that second vote, he said democrats are terrified of freedom and he's absolutely right. this is not a time to be terrified. at the time to be bold. have those conversations. this is about rob portman is talking about. insurance companies have no incentives to keep premiums low because they're not competing. they don't have to compete. the government is propping up these insurance companies in the running the cartels. >> harris: that's why i said it was so surprised that the rejection of anything like that per senator cruz is bill. not even, will try to get it and they are in a different way and maybe they will, but that is such a deal breaker because it sticks to the very bottom line. you talk about a cbo score and what it can generate and prices coming down because competitors are going after each other on state lines. you take away that point of hunger and what do you get?
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basically what we have now. >> marie: the insurance companies came out very, very negative. >> sandra: we are looking at the senate floor, we are awaiting that vote to begin on a street repeal of obamacare. our producer on capitol hill saying they haven't started any of the votes on which were supposed to begin at 11:30, they have about 15 hours of debate time left on the budget reconciliation process, keep that in mind as we await that to happen. meantime, president trump not letting up on his criticism of the attorney general. what he said when asked if he plans to fire jeff sessions and watson republicans have to say about that. plus, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle clamping down in the president's push for better relations with russia. details on a new sanctions package and whether president trump will actually sign it. ♪ growing up, we were german.
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>> harris: fox news alert, president trump is creaking up the heat on his attorney general, jeff sessions after slamming sessions in the new york time and on twitter for recusing himself. here he is at a news conference on the rose garden yesterday. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks
9:17 am
from intelligence agencies, which are leaking like rarely have they ever linked before. i told you before, i'm very disappointed with the attorney general, but we will see what happens. time will tell. time will tell. >> harris: the president doubled down with his tweets this morning. why didn't ag sessions replace acting fbi director anja mccabe, a comey friend who is in charge of the clinton investigation, but got big dollars, $700,000 for his wife's political run from hillary clinton and her representatives. during the swamp! some of the attorney general's former colleagues spoke out. lindsay graham here. >> i would not hire somebody that i do not believe could serve me well, rather than trying to humiliate them in public which is a sign of weakness. he's trying to get sessions to quit and i hope sessions doesn't
9:18 am
quit. if the president wants to fire him, fire him. >> harris: there is no gray area there. you just said the president is weak if he doesn't fire the sky. >> john: full disclosure, i've known sessions since 1986 and he was nominated. i was in charge of legislative affairs of the justice department, i thought he was slandered for the democrats, accused of being a racist and other things when it's the farthest thing from the truth. i go back with him a long way. i think what could still happen and what should have happened a long time ago, the two of these men need to sit down together alone and have it out. the trunk and say whatever he wants, sessions can say whatever he wants , may be sessions resigned, maybe he's fired, but if you do this in private and vent and everybody gets their say and then you move on. >> sandra: why is that on happen? >> john: i don't know.
9:19 am
>> marie: it's not trumps style. >> john: then sessions ought to force it. >> kennedy: you are right, this is a critical relationship between the two men, but for the department of justice and injustice as an ideal in this country, the president has to be very careful here politically because there are a couple of things going on. he can start a war in the senate and i could really compromise his agenda because you have senators from both sides of the aisle who have come out and defense of stomach dominic dominic i feel bad for him. this is not how to handle this. it looks like he wants to hire someone to fire more. that is a very politically slippery slope. >> harris: this seemed to get awkward because it went further than whether he recused himself, then it seemed to go with the president saying, okay fine, he came out and was the first in
9:20 am
the senate to endorse me, wasn't really an endorsement? how far did he really have to go to stick his neck out? >> sandra: this is one of his earliest and most loyal supporters. we are left wondering whether or not jeff sessions is going to say he's had it and step down. >> john: it sounds like this relationship is not fixable is what it sounds like, but it's a critical relationship. the supreme court has said that the attorney general is the hand of the president and fulfilling the constitution. leave mueller and rush out of it for a second, there's a lot going on here that you need and attorney general who has the confidence of the president. i'm not an not optimistic, bute to sit down and talk about it.
9:21 am
>> harris: this was public, the new comms director that comes on board next month, anthony scaramucci had this to say about loyalty, let's watch. >> why is he undermining his own attorney general? >> you can view it that way, i actually don't view it that way. with the president is trying to do is signal the people that i need your loyalty, i need your advocacy, if you're doing things i don't like, i'll express that. he's not a washingtonian. >> does he want a new attorney general? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> harris: it you're talking about loyalty and that's inbounds for what the president should expect. >> john: the way you do that is in private conversation. >> marie: kennedy had a key point here. jeff sessions is a product of the senate, senators on both sides of the aisle, even if they disagree with them, respect him from having to surface him.
9:22 am
if sessions gets fired, they will not be happy about that. you hear a lot of rumblings from folks up on the hill that if that's where this goes, that's a problem for donald trump. >> harris: what you're saying is that's not why this would be happening, but it appears that way and that's the problem, but what's the end result? he gets rid of sessions and as marie says, the need can't confirm the new guy because they are split on both sides of the aisle. >> kennedy: it's also politically difficult for the personal becomes the next attorney general because that's now a toxic position. for a number of reasons, not only do you have the new unforced error and the hurdles in the senate. you have to talk about special counsel and that was one of the things that doomed richard nixo richard nixon, was the saturday night massacre and having that history repeat itself is really
9:23 am
unnecessary. i keep going back to james rosen's book about john mitchell who was attorney general under richard nixon and the relationship they had. they were very close, they worked together for a long time, but there was still that necessary and natural tension with the attorney general has to have some level of independence from the president. >> harris: congress is taking action against russia for its election meddling. the house, by a huge margin approved a bill slapping moscow with new sanctions, but it curbs president trump's authority to ease those sanctions, will he sign it? and as u.s. officials say north korea could test another missile tonight, the alarming new reports that the regime could have a nuclear capable missile able of hitting the united states much sooner than thought. when should we do to respond? stay close. ♪
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>> sandra: house overwhelmingly approving a bill slapping russia with sanctions as well as placing sanctions on iran and north korea. and now heads to the senate. the bill also forces president trump to get approval if he wants to ease or lift the sanctions against moscow. will he sign it? sarah huckabee sanders only telling reporters yesterday, meantime, a top european leader wanting the sanctions could spark a trade war. the bill could hurt efforts to normalize relations between the u.s. and moscow. i wish ambassador bolton was here, he is! let's get to the question of whether or not the president would sign this. >> john: i think he is going to sign it. the objection that the white house has had has been the
9:29 am
limitation on his ability to waive the sanctions. i think the way you deal with that is to say you have constitutional doubts about that and you deal with it once the circumstance arises. i think the bill itself doesn't go far enough, not on russia, not on the other countries as well. it follows a conceptually erroneous approach by basically allowing the president to sanction named individuals are named corporations. sanctions done that way make a political point that they don't affect regime behavior by and large, innate comprehension of. life is hard in europe. i'm sorry, but ronald reagan told them in the 1980s, don't get yourself dependent on pipelines for gas from russia. they did it anyway.
9:30 am
ultimately, the president and congress had to do what they thought was of the national security interest of the united states. if rush is upset about it, that's too bad. >> marie: i agree. i agree that a statement is probably what they'll do. you're talking about the kinds of sector wide comprehensive sanctions we need to have, that's where you wish it would go, because we do a lot of this naming and shaming individuals, entities on all three countries and it's had some effect. >> john: comp intensive sanctions have limited effect anyway, but in the case of russia, with his involvement and our elections, i have set for some time, i view this as an existential threat to the idea of the united states for america. we are based on the idea of limited government, people controlling the government. they tried to mess it up.
9:31 am
i don't necessarily agree, but they want to try to influence it for donald trump, i think they want distrust in the institution and we need to did to her other countries or think they can do the same thing. >> harris: we've read about what they want to do in france and it wasn't so much about mccrone, it was about the very substance and how it plays out. anthony scaramucci has said the president is not convinced that this meddling happened to help him win. you make such a fine point, there are two issues here. >> john: for those who have seen the evidence and ultimately, it will have to be classified so they make a people have a sense of it, there's no doubt what they were trying to do. the russians did this when they were soviets and they are doing it, not just in france, but all over europe. i find it hard to believe that the russians thought they could influence the election for donald trump, that would make them more astute observers of the american clinical seen for
9:32 am
99.9% of all political commentaries. >> sandra: >> kennedy: i thinks much more information that if reality winner had gone in a legal way, we would have had a better glimpse into how russia was trying to screw around. >> harris: it's the overall democracy. >> john: and their institutions, the institutions are much weaker. >> sandra: north korea could test launch another intercontinental ballistic missile as soon tonight. this is "the washington post" reports the secret u.s. intelligence assessment from north korea could have an icbm capable of carrying a nuke as early as next year. two years earlier than previously thought and north korea warning that it will hit the u.s. with a powerful
9:33 am
nuclear hammer if it attempts a regime change. the threat comes after cia director mike pompeo's comments last week at the aspen security forum. >> it would be a great thing to do nuclear eyes the peninsula, but the thing that is most dangerous about it is the character who holds the control over them. from the administration's perspective, the most important thing we can do a separate those two. a separate capacity and someone who might have and tent and break two apart. >> sandra: how should we be responding to such threats? >> john: our options are very limited. after 25 years of pursuing their own policy with north korea, of trying diplomacy and sanctions to affect their behavior, it was never going to work, it didn't work through three successive administrations, it won't work if we try it now. you are down to one diplomatic option and that's to convince china that it's ultimately in their interest to reunite the
9:34 am
two koreas. it's a hard argument to make, but it's doable. if we fail, because of the progress they've made, you have to ask, what would a president do if he sees an icbm judged on being capable of reaching the united states when we don't know what's under the nosecone? that is the real concern and it's coming. >> kennedy: that's it so difficult about this. what you're saying is we have to ask why the military option which could leave millions of north koreans dead because their leader doesn't care about them. that's part of their biggest propaganda push is the west is coming, they want to kill us, and they're prepared to have millions of their citizens died.
9:35 am
i don't know the way faced an enemy like that. >> john: anybody who is prepared to do that as someone who is also capable of attacking us, even if they know north korea would be turned into charcoal as a result. they put this together very well the other day, ed could cause conflict and it would sound unimaginable and he wants to do everything to avoid it. >> marie: i think the estimates are probably right that it's coming quicker than we all thought. the calculations about military actions, they are both correct. at one point to the american president say, how quickly can we take all of those out and what is the following days and want to they look like?
9:36 am
>> harris: part of the problem that american people have with our focus right now and drilling down to the point that you made earlier so important, finding out if there was a russian meddling in the election and other elections around the world, how do we stop that from happening? apart from whatever politically people want to think, because it becomes that shiny object upon which we are so focused on in the shadows, north korea, not even shadows anymore, they can come right out tonight, they're planning another test. they can come out and do whatever they want and we call that practice. sooner or later, they'll have a game. >> marie: do you think china will step up to the plate? >> john: i think they should because it's in their interest.
9:37 am
japan will get nuclear weapons and that should concern china. the argument is that the buffer zone is no longer so critical to china that it can risk having this regime with nuclear weapons. they don't want american troops on the river, here's good news, we don't want american troops on the river. >> sandra: i want you to respond to marie's point earlier come because you made the point much more eloquently than i could. >> marie: at which question? the question about where's the line we are willing to take? if the u.s. president is sitting there and he says, there's a threat to the u.s., but we take action, x million numbers of south koreans will die, how to make that complication? >> john: the question is how do i protect americans? what i think it means with respect to what we do and
9:38 am
north korea is it would not simply be an attack on the icbm on the launchpad. it would go in even before hand to take artillery, that could threaten seoul. that's what you say to china, we are going see reunification. do you want to see it the hard way or the easy way? >> sandra: we have to go. the gop's health care effort appears dead in the water last week until president trump stepped in, ramping up pressure on wavering republicans, so, do they have him to think think? ♪ this is joanne.
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9:43 am
health care seemed stalled, doomed, some said, than the president began ramping up the pressure, making phone calls, firing off tweets, having dinners, lunches, making speeches. here's a sample. >> any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling americans that you are fine with obamacare. senate republicans have not done their job and ending the obamacare nightmare. they now have a chance to hopefully, hopefully, fix one has been sold badly broken for such a long time. as the secretary of health and human services is doing a great job, and hopefully, he'll get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as obamacare. >> harris: along with all of that, there were the words to those who might step in the way of all of this, like representative heller to is the right to the presidents shoulder
9:44 am
in a first video, be aware of the elections coming up in 2018. >> john: is john kennedy once famously said, success has 1,000 fathers, defeat is an orphan. a lot went into getting this vote, but 51-50 is not what you would call overwhelming, and i go back to the key point, they have got to have a success here that is a tangible step to redeeming the promises of the republican party has made over the past four election cycles. if they don't get that, you're going to watch people fleeing from this and the risks are very high. >> harris: you can make the argument, the republicans better be careful, this could jeopardize their party. if you look across the political aisle and there were any sorts of togetherness among the democrats, they are trying to craft bumper stickers, stealing advertisement slogans, the republicans actually are not in a vacuum, they have time to get
9:45 am
this right. >> kennedy: they do have to get it right, but they also have to get on the same page and they also have two, going back to the top of the show, they have to keep economic freedom in mind when they're talking about health care and those are not vile concepts. they have to do a better job of explaining to people and stop operating out of fear. that's one of the things that's paralyzing the process. i love senator mccain's speech yesterday when he was talking about the incremental work of congress. sometimes is not glamorous and exciting, but all the time it is incredibly necessary, especially right now. back to the president, i think the president did step it up. he has relied a lot on his vice president and when he doesn't over delegate and take some of this on himself, he sees the results he's looking for.
9:46 am
>> harris: the g.o.p. must keep economic freedom part, that's what kennedy just said, the economy is a huge part of this. >> sandra: i was going to differ my time to marie, having worked in the obama administration, how is the way we are seeing -- how is it different than how we saw obama push obamacare? >> marie: the reason for this small victory was mitch mcconnell. ed shows the power that he still has over his caucus. it was less then what president trump did. barack obama gave 35 plus speeches about obamacare and trying to sell it. we did hundreds of hours of expert testimony up in congress. donald trump seems to be taking much more of a hammer approach, a political hammer than the long, hard work of explaining it to the american people. he saying if you don't do it, you lose. last week, his team had basically publicly threatened to primary dean heller and other republicans.
9:47 am
they are threatening into republican party warfare. he is really making a political argument. the president isn't making as much. >> harris: i would balance that out because look at what the president did just this week. he gave a speech and he had those people who suffered from obamacare policies and exchanges right there at the white house. >> john: there is more similarity. i don't think obama did much on the hill, i think it was pelosi and reid. the trump white house has been the same way, but i think now on the republican side, they're all in this together. finger-pointing after the fact is not going to save anybody. >> harris: i wanted her to finish her sentence. new white house munication's director anthony scaramucci is continuing with his crackdown on white house leaks. one person is already out of a
9:48 am
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>> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first, jon scott with what's coming up on "happening now." >> jon: in the next hour of "happening now," we are awaiting more action on the senate for the could bring the end to obamacare as we know it and senators mold various plans, but can any of them pass? tim scott and tom harper are our guests. we are also following the latest in a week long war by the president on his own attorney general. how's that going to work out? it's all ahead, "happening now"" >> kennedy: anthony scaramucci continuing his shakeup of the white house press office. he is giving michael short a chance to redesign after signaling he would fire short as an ongoing crackdown on white house leaks. earlier, he defended his policy on leakers in the west wing. watch this. >> i think the leaks were a problem, it's an indictment on the institution of the president, and makes us all look
9:53 am
bad. the president deserves better than that. we're going to try to hit a cultural reset on these leaks. we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve the country and your president and we need to serve him honorably and do the right thing. if you can't do that, i have a stomach and backbone to fire you, no problem. >> kennedy: is not not too heavy-handed? >> john: no, i think that's exactly what you need to do. they are seeing warfare inside the white house, second are leaks, there leaking classified information, that has to stop as well. they're undermining the ability to govern. >> harris: i think he can do anything he wants to do. >> marie: it's often not press staffers who leak these things, they video with the cleanup.
9:54 am
>> harris: you can remember just a year ago when the president was having a hard time finding anybody in the establishment who would step away and support him. >> sandra: it doesn't change the conversation, is he not doing a good job at that? he's changing the conversation and focusing and saying he's going to hold everyone accountable. >> john: it's not so much from the press shop. i think it has to be a priority for the administration as a whole out in the state department and intelligence community. those are the leaks that undermine american national security. it's very hard to find leakers, it's a perennial problem. it's worse, the damage that's being done is worse at a comparable point in time. >> harris: that's why argue
9:55 am
that it could be those in your own party. you now have a man who stood up at a lectern last week and said words that you never heard sean spicer or anyone else say. i love this president, he said it multiple times. this is a man who has the president's back and his ability to get things done is going to be very different because they go straight to the president. can he get it done? i don't see how. >> marie: he needs to focus on strategy, on getting the right team. i think he needs to find the right balance. the leaks are problematic and it's often hard to find out who it is. >> harris: a tremendous number of people were successful and finding those leakers. >> marie: it's often hard and scare a moche he did a great job at that briefing. he's brought fresh air into a shop that was not doing well and he needs to start thinking
9:56 am
strategy and not just day-to-da day-to-day. >> kennedy: he has an exclusive interview with sean hannity. more "outnumbered" in just a moment, stay close.
9:57 am
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>> many thanks to our guests. >> and another discussion about nail polish.
10:00 am
thanks again. we will be back tomorrow at noon eastern time. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: it is a lovely wednesday. fox news alert on capitol hill. a vote on a bill that would repeal obamacare. the vote was scheduled earlier this morning but postponed until 3:30 p.m. eastern. >> republicans trying to put together a bill that would dismantle obamacare. the president issuing a statement saying he he applauds the senate for taking a giant step against this nightmare.


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